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The Ilio Mare resort is located in Skala Prinou

Skala Prinou is the seaport of the village of Prinos in Thassos, on the island’s Northwest coast. Its growth has been continuous and impressive, since it is the second largest port of Thassos, with the boats and flying dolphins coming in from Kavala docking here.

Right next to Skala Prinou and along the coast after the port stretches the new settlement of Dasillio, which used to be a mooring place for fishing boats. Here in Dasillio you will find the 5-star Ilio Mare resort, in the midst of a beautiful landscape, right next to the sea.

Skala Prinou is surrounded by numerous sandy beaches. Their calm and crystal clear waters are quite swallow and thus ideal for swimming and water sports. The lush pine-tree forest stretching along the beach offers natural shade, with the trees looking as if they are emerging through the water. The sunsets here are an experience not to be missed.

You can find everything in Skala: ATMs, taxis and bus terminal, to travel to any place in Thassos, and of course to visit the village of Prinos.

Prinos, together with all the villages that comprise it, the old Kalyvia village, the new village, Skala and the Mikro Kazaviti and Megalo Kazaviti, is one of the most beautiful places in Thassos boasting a host of sites worth a visit.

Prinos is located on the mountainous area of the island. It is basically the commercial and cultural center of the region.

On Mondays, a large food, clothes and shoes bazaar is held in the village, visited by people from all over Thassos. At the facilities of the Organic Olive Oil Mills of Thassos the „Kardiofilo“ olive oil is produced, which is renowned for its beneficial properties. Also, the Agricultural Cooperative of Prinos, Thassos, is located in the region, which produces the famous salty olive, as well as the Beekeeping Cooperative of Thassos, which collects and packages the famous local honey. The island’s Health Center is also located in Prinos.

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