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Organize day trips in Thassos

Plan for an excursion and ask the staff to book the trip of your choice. The Ilio Mare Thassos Resort offers all hotel guests the opportunity to discover the beauty of Thassos by following one of the recommended trails and routes perfect for nature lovers, hiking enthusiasts, or dedicated bikers.

Engage in horseback riding activities
Gallop freely through the beauty of Thassos! Ilio Mare Resort offers the opportunity to take part in equine tourism. Book lessons at the horseriding learning center, rent the necessary equipment, and have an unforgettable experience.
Explore the North Aegean with diving
Dive into the less explored yet radiant seabed of the Aegean Sea. With antiquities strewn about, and perfectly blue waters, Thassos diving spots offer unprecedented experiences. Take a dive along the most fascinating underwater trails of Thassos, and experience the utmost adventure.
Organize a fun daily agenda for your kids
Use Ilio Mare Resort’s child care specialists with their supreme experience, imagination, and enthusiasm to keep your children entertained. Offer your kids a secure place to play under professional and trustworthy supervision. Watch them do arts and crafts, gardening, theater playing, horse riding, diving, hiking, and cycling activities.
Spend a day at the beach and play volleyball
Engage in exciting sports on the beach such as volleyball. Pump up the fun by playing volleyball on the hotel’s beach, which is a great full-body workout under the sun. The use of the beach volleyball court is free for hotel guests.
Enjoy small tennis sessions with your child or significant other
Take advantage of the tennis courts of Ilio Mare for an active and fun outdoor activity. Book a court at the hotel, whether your a beginner or advanced, and have an enjoyable time as the cool sea breeze keeps you cool.
Plan a daily workout in Ilio Mare’s Fitness Room
Exercise and activate all senses of your body at the Ilio Mare Fitness Room. Do aerobic exercises and engage various strength training machines in order to stay on track and in shape. Get advice from the experienced staff and plan for a personal training session.
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